Smart Formulas

The Beauty Formula (Collagen & MSM)

It is all about your health longevity. This formula targets your long-term skin and hair health while helping you maintain a youthful appearance.  

Collagen, also called “the fountain of youth,” is a major component of your skin. When skin loses its elasticity and becomes thin, cellulite becomes more evident. Collagen boosts skin elasticity and hydration and decreases the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. As you age, your body produces less collagen, which is why it is essential to add it to your diet. Collagen may also help slow the skin ageing and is essential for healthy hair and nails.

MSM boosts your immunity and improves skin health by strengthening keratin (one of the main structural components in your hair, skin and nails). It is effective in reducing visual signs of skin ageing through treating scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Two essential beauty supplements in one unique formula, for you, every day.


The Fat-Burning Formula (Green Tea & L-Carnitine)

Weight maintenance is vital for a long healthy life.

Green tea does more than just keep you alert. It also helps boosting brain function and protects your brain as you get older. Additionaly, Green tea also boosts metabolic rate, increases fat burning, and contains a lot of antioxidants.

Similarly, L-Carnitine helps with weight loss and fat burning process and has a positive impact on brain function as well. It has also been shown that it increases heart health and improves exercise performance.


The Performance Formula (Creatine, Green Tea & Caffeine)

Built for born top performers - the ones who always strive for the best.

As they say in professional sports, consistency is the key. The Performance formula is tailored for professional athletes, fitness and sports enthusiasts.

Creatine is a natural supplement mainly used to boost athletic performance. It is one of the world's most popular and effective supplements for building muscle and strength. It also improves high-intensity exercise performance and endurance, speeds up recovery, and improves brain performance.

Green tea and Caffeine go hand in hand. Both aim at boosting metabolic rate, increase fat burning, enhance exercise performance and relieve post-workout muscle soreness.

With Creatine, they form a perfect combo for long-term winning results.